Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No longer a Super Woman

As I was corresponding with a friend recently, she wrote that she was taking off her "Super Woman" cape and listening to wisdom. As I pondered that comment, the Lord brought to my mind,"I don't require Super Women, but Submitted Women". I thought yeah that make a great t-shirt!!!

It is a freeing thought, don't you think? We don't have to be everything to everyone. It's ok to say "no", "I can't afford that", "I won't be able to make it", "I don't know", " I need a break"... God has given each of us a finite amount of time, money, talent, etc. for a reason. How many of us would do wayyyyyy... more than we should, or spend even more than we already do, if we had even more resources than we do? Of course we tell ourselves, "if only there was just ____ hours in the day, I would...." "if only I had x amount of dollars, I would tithe, give to missions, etc. " The question we should ask ourselves is, "Am I faithful with what I've already been given?" Scripture teaches us that to those who have been faithful in a little, more will be given. If we are not faithful, the little we have will be taken away and given to those who have been faithful.

Faithful means submitting ourselves to the infinitely, wise, great, glorious, loving, merciful, gracious, good, beautiful, just creator of the universe. He promised to give more grace to those who submit themselves to His plan. All those who don't set themselves up in direct opposition to this Mighty God!!! That's a battle we won't win!!! Faithful means listening for His loving voice, obeying His every command, and trusting that He will accomplish His purposes completely. His purposes are ALWAYS good.

So take off your SuperWoman Cape, and put the S on your chest, for Submitted. Your life will be full of joy and purpose, but most importantly, God will be Glorified!!!!


  1. Inspiring! I wonder who sparked such a wonderful t-shirt idea! lol

  2. Ouch! My toes! But really, a good word, Alecia. I have been frustrated that I have been "forced" into a season of rest because I have no car right now, but I have been hearing the Lord say to be grateful for the season that I am in, even without the cape...