Friday, April 24, 2009

God's exchange rate is phenomenal!

As I've been praying about surrendering more of myself to God, the following thoughts were brought to mind:

As I surrender more of myself to Him, I experience more of His joy, yet there is something in me that resists surrender. It usually comes in the form of fear. Oh no, what will He call me to give up now!

I am learning not to cling to anything. That is the sure way to lose it. I must be open to give freely and receive freely. Everything I give up is replaced by that which I could never have anticipated. It is gloriously more than what I gave up. I love God's exchange rate!

If you've ever visited another country, you're fully aware of the process of exchanging US dollars to whatever the local currency is. Your travel agent or guide will usually direct you to a reliable place to make your exchange. Think about it. You're taking your US dollars, something that is familiar and reliable, and giving it to some stranger trusting that what they give you back is equal in value. You're also hoping you get the best possible exchange rate. That requires trust.

Why is it that we can't trust the God of the Universe who tells us to give up everything, and He will give to us in exchange all the joy, peace, love... that our heart can hold? He promises to take the worst of us--the part of us that we can not stand about ourselves, and give to us in exchange healing, freedom and beauty. No one can beat that exchange rate!

So what is our Master Creator calling you to give up so that He can replace it with something far greater?

May His grace and peace be with you,


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