Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Your Love

There is No Way to be disappointed when we come to the fountain overflowing with ALL that is good.  Lord, I want to take off all my clothes--all that hinders--, let down my hair, and dive into the depths of your love.  There is no place that I want to remain untouched.  Not the hidden or shameful places--those places need your touch the most. 
                     Washed, cleansed, caressed, soothed through and through. 
     I want to discover new depths of your love. 
  I want to sing of your love. 
     I want to dance in it.
I want to taste its sweetness on my lips. 
      Yes, Yes, Yes! 
                             Your love...
                                               Is Love
                                                          Every Single drop, and yet
                                               There is no end.
                                         And so I dive in
Thankyou for your love Heavenly Father.

Your love compells me to be a better wife,
                                              a better mother,
                                                     a better friend, daughter, and sister.
             To go to the ends of the earth for people I don't know.
                                 To give my money, and my time
                                          To bless those who hate me,
                                                 To face my fears,
                                                       To do what I would rather not,
                                                 Your love woos me,
                                         fills me,
                             Inspires me.
       Your Love.

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