Saturday, June 19, 2010

Taste and See

We all have this longing of the heart.  We long to be loved, to be accepted as we are.  There is a longing for joy-- for peace.  Sometimes our hearts longings cannot be fully described.  Have you felt it?  There's this emptiness.  This calling of the soul--this yearning.  If you're like me,  you mistake it for boredom, hunger or a myriad of other physical desires.  This hearts cry longs to be filled.  You try watching tv, or eating.  You pursue a hobby, take a class, workout, or have sex.  We go on vacation. Change careers.  Shop. Drink. Work. Spend money. Save money.  Make money.  Many think this longing can be filled by having a baby or by being a great relationship with someone.  We all go round and round chasing that which we never seem to be able to catch.  It always seems so near, and yet it always slips our grip.  That which our heart longs for seems to be just out of reach. Oh don't get me wrong, we experience temporary pleasure and sometimes we can numb the ache in our hearts, but it always comes back stronger than ever.

Have you found yourself in this wretched state? Perhaps you're saying, "Yes! Yes!"  Well, there is a solution and it's been right there with you all along.


There's been a gentle whisper calling your name, and your heart longs to answer that call.  It's the call of your Maker.  He is EVERYTHING that you secretly long for.  In fact, He offers this challenge, "Taste and see that the Lord is good."  He is the source of ALL that is good.  Yes--ALL.  In Him is EVERYTHING you desire.  EVERYTHING.    Your mind can not conceive of what that really means.  I know mine can not. 

He requires one thing.  Kneel before Him alone.  Surrender to Him.  Humble yourself before Him.  Tell, Him, "Yes, Lord".  It's not a one time act, for He will continually reveal areas of your life that you haven't given to Him--areas that you are afraid to give Him. 

Though I said yes to Him about 30 years ago, I often find myself feeling that ache in my heart.  I'm finding that it is God's call to me.  He desires our relationship to go deeper.  He desires to fill me more and more with His presence.  He desires to remove everything that keeps me from experiencing the Beautiful life that He has for me.    Often the process is undetectable as I move through the busyness of life, and yet there are times when He stops everything.  that usually a crisis.  That the loving Father, who takes my face in His hands and says, "look at me! I have everything you need.  Trust me."  But since we are human, and we make most decisions based on our senses: see, smell, taste, touch and hearing, we tend to fight against this call.  Our senses and our understanding cry out, "That doesn't make sense!"   Our physical senses are often blind to the unseen realities that exist.  Our feeble minds cannot understand the vastness of His ways.

But He can be trusted.  God can be trusted.  Obey Him, for his commandments are for our good.  All he does and says is for our good.  There is no hidden agenda.  Only one agenda:  to bless us with EVERYTHING good--in abundance, extravagantly, overflowing--maximum joy, complete peace, never-ending ecstasy, unimaginable riches and ultimate freedom.  It's yours.  Your heart is completely and fully satisfied in Him. 

Taste and See.

Call on the name of Jesus Christ and you cannot be disappointed.

From One on this joyous journey of discovering the One who is ALL,



  1. "Because God has made us for Himself, our hearts are restless until they rest in Him."
    — Augustine of Hippo

    I pray your readers will take heed to your words and trust our gracious Lord completely. God bless you, Alecia.

  2. This is so beautifully written...praise God for the Spirit of God who inspires and directs your heart as you place your fingers upon the keyboard...allowing them to dance, revealing the beauty of our God! Yes, taste and see that the Lord is GOOD!