Saturday, December 18, 2010

Discipling your Children like Jesus

As I've been preparing to write another blog on Disicpling Your children like Jesus, I've come across a couple of resources that I want to recommend.
  •  This site and the book: Disciple Like Jesus for Parents, describes much of what I wanted to share here.  Take a look at their resources for practical helps and encouragement.
  •  A great parenting resource to help parents launch children that will change the world.
 The best advice I can give you in discipling your children is to spend LOTS of time on your knees praying for your children.  Ask the Lord to give you His wisdom.  He will show you how He wants you to live out these principles in your family.  Secondly, fully obey everything that He commands you to do.  Don't worry about if others don't understand or think you're "over the top".  Discipling your children goes against the grain.  It's not popular, and it doesn't make sense to our modern culture.  That's ok.  We don't want our children to be the "norm".  We want our children to be like Jesus.  Also, don't compare your family to someone else's family.  Don't look to the left (the world's culture) and don't look to the right (christian culture), look to Jesus.  He knows what is needed for YOUR family.  Learn from others, but bring every idea to the Lord in prayer.

As I learn about how we should be discipling our children, I see some things we've done right and that makes me smile and praise God.  I also see so many things we've done wrong.  I lay those areas before the foot of the cross.  His grace is sufficient for our failures.  His grace is sufficient for my weaknesses.

This discipling process shouldn't be static.  It should be full of change.  As the Spirit exposes areas of your parenting where you fall short, repent and prayerfully make the needed changes.  I'll be the first to say that it will be hard.  Your kids may resent it.  Sometimes spouses don't agree.  Ask the Lord to give you patience and grace during these transitions.  Keep your eyes on the goal:  making followers of Jesus. We can fully trust Him to work out all these details if we commit ourselves to Him.  He is a heart changer and truth revealer.

I pray that the Lord would give us all  wisdom, courage and strength to " make disciples" of our children.


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