Thursday, April 7, 2011

Intimate Connection

We all long for intimacy.
              We all want to be seen and heard, and fully accepted as we are.
    We all want to be loved.
God placed this desire in each of us.  
And He wants to fill that desire.  

But we must come to Him to be filled.

So He tells us to pray.

Pray for healing.
Pray for hope.
Pray for your physical needs.
Pray for others.
Pray for help.


As we pray, something mysterious happens.


Circumstances change.
                  Hearts are transformed.
           Needs are met.
Eyes are opened.

We are intimately connected with the God of the Universe.
He satisfies the deepest desires of our hearts.
    He fills us with hope.
We are filled with love.
Our emptiness is filled.

Ask, and you will receive
Seek and you will find
Knock and the door will be opened
Pray ALL the time
Prayers of the righteous are powerful
Prayers of the righteous produce results
Pray in the Spirit
With ALL kinds of prayers

Short prayers.
Long prayers.
Middle of the night, sweating and toiling kinda prayers
Brief "Help me Jesus" kinda prayers
Pray alone.
Pray with others.
Pray standing.
Pray with your face on the ground.
Pray while working.
Stop every thing else to focus and pray. 
Pray with many words.
Pray with few.
God should be our constant companion
Dialoguing with Him continually should be as natural as breathing

                 Confess your sins
Be open and honest
about your sins
your doubts
your fears
your desires
your frustrations
                                                                                  He can handle it.
You'll be healed and restored.

Thank Him.
         For every blessing
              every good thing in your life
                             no matter how small
Your heart will be filled with joy

Praise Him.
Talk about all the good you see in Him.
Take time to meditate 
on His goodness
His power
His righteousness
His wisdom
His redemption
His glory
Now, be quiet.
to Him.
He Speaks.

Prayer is your intimate connection

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