Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Up Close and Personal

Have you ever gotten up close and personal with yourself?
Looked in the mirror, with the intent to know yourself.
To really "see" yourself
To see God's image in you
To see His beauty shining through

face completely naked, hair unstraighten or uncurled...uncombed
Have you thanked Him for your eyes?
Your lips?
No really, thank Him for your lips.
And for the unreachable, unspeakable parts of you that you hope no one sees...
If you really look...Maybe your fingers will tell you the condition of your heart...
Maybe you'll stop hiding your flaws from everyone...

Delighting in revealing your flaws with others, so that your Creator may be exalted.  His beauty shines more radiantly through our flaws--when we admit them. 

He's just that Brilliant and Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                   He LOVES revealing Himself through you.
                                                         Yes, you.
                                             The one with the flaws.

Get up Close and Personal with yourself.

I pray that you would today.


  1. This is so beautiful..I love it! And remember He is enthralled by your beauty... Psalm 45:11