Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Asking Questions

Lately, I've been asking myself questions.  Why do I do what I do?  I've been asking God questions.  I've been wrestling with things that I've accepted about life without ever really analyzing them.  So much of christianity is cultural.  I'm realizing that more than ever.  The way we express our love and devotion to God, the way we live out our faith.  Much of it is expressed in a cultural context.  

There is so much that we do and say as christians.  We do these things because someone says we must--usually a pastor.  We do these things because that's what we've always done.  We do these things because they've been passed down from our family.  And many of the things we do, we're passionate about them. They're part of our "deep down" belief system.  We've taken many of our own personal preferences and convictions and called them "biblical" or "right".  God is so much bigger than one group's own personal preferences or convictions.  Are you willing to consider that there are other ways to live out the christian faith that look very different from the way you live out your faith?
Asking questions can be unsettling.  It can shake up your world.  It can lead to more unanswered questions. 

I believe that we can no longer ignore questions.  People all around us want to know the relevancy of christianity and the church.  Former "church-goers" want to know why they can't worship God at home.  The early church met in homes. There are many people that are disheartened and dissappointed with church leaders.  Is being a part of an organized church our only option?  Can coming together for the purpose of worshiping God, encouraging one another, praying for another, and loving each look many different ways? What should a community of Christ-followers look like?  Is church tradition wrong?  Should we rediscover the old?  Should true followers of Christ leave the church in mass exodus in order to start all over from the ground up, or should we seek to do what Martin Luther tried to do to the Catholic church--reform it? Should we meet in homes?  Should we meet in large church buildings?  Does it matter where we meet?  Does it matter what day we meet?

When Jesus gave His followers the mission to go (leave that which is comfortable and familiar), and make more followers of Him, I wonder if the current American church is what He had in mind.  We've made christianity, comfortable.  It's a great way to live.  It's a great way to raise your kids.  It's just a great community to be a part of.  The people are nice.  It keeps us from coming in contact with those-- sinners.  Sinners are bad.  They're going to hell.  They're messing up our nation.  They're left winged liberals. They're destroying marriages.  Sinners should be avoided and shunned.  Shouldn't sinners be accepted as sinners?  Shouldn't sinners be loved --while they are sinners?  (I'll admit.  I like them to get their acts together first before I love them.)  But doesn't God love us while we are sinners?  He gave his life while we were His enemies.

When God looks at the American church as a whole, is He pleased? There is so much division in the church.  So much division in His body. Isn't there only one body with Christ as the head?

Is He pleased with me?

Questions, questions, questions...

I hope I stirred up a few questions in your mind today.


  1. Great blog. I think that is how our journey of faith began, with questions. The answer we got from the Lord was that we were not going to look like, smell like, or act like anything we were accustomed to in our past. What began as stumbling in the wilderness because we had NO idea what we were doing and where we were going, has become a sweet walk in the valley with the expectation of so many more surprises up ahead. I wish you a peaceful journey as you seek out the answers to your questions.


  2. Thank you, my friend. It's good to know that there are others asking questions too. And finding answers. I live with the expectation that those who seek, will find.