Monday, September 5, 2011


I was recently blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with some wonderful artists on some art projects.  I've never done anything like this before.  When Kathy first asked me about being a part of the collaboration, I was excited and honored that she would ask me.  But as the time approached for us to begin the collaboration, I began to get nervous.  This was totally out of my comfort zone!  I didn't know what to expect.  There was no plan.  And I had no control over what would happen. I had to trust that God had a plan.
     The first day we met, I remember the anxiety I felt.  I was like, "I'm here.  Now what?"  We prayed.  And God did a marvelous work through us.  We brought our scraps, and leftover pieces and over the course of a month, we're created 6 beautiful works of art.  I'm amazed!  Each piece is so different.  We each contributed in some way, to each piece.  And each person's contribution was absolutely vital to creating that final product.

Interestingly, we are each very different.  We come from different ethinic and cultural backgrounds.  We each work in different mediums.  Our styles are very different.  Even our methods of creating art are different.  But you wouldn't believe how much harmony we've had.  The Spirit of God has worked through each of us enabling us to work with oneness of mind.  We committed ourselves to be servants, listening to the Spirit and being sensitive to the ways that He was moving.
     Did we agree at every moment?  No.  But we always came to an agreement in a peaceful manner.  Sometimes it took time to hear what the Spirit was saying.

     I can honestly say that I could never have created anything like these pieces alone.  Now it almost feels strange working alone in my studio on my personal pieces.  I miss that interaction and feedback.

It's been fun!  And I've learned so much and grown through the process.

I have been given a small glimpse of what God wants to do in His people on a larger scale.  He wants us working together, each bringing our little bit to the table in order to create a Great Feast.  We can't do it alone.  We must be willing to give...and receive.   And in the process each of us will be changed.  Paul says in Ephesians that we become more whole, for you supply what is lacking in me, and I in you.   The church becomes a fuller expression of the Magnificient Glorious Infiinite God.  The knowledge of His glory becomes more complete and more fully displayed.  How exciting!

We need each other.  God wants to use us working together to do something beautiful for Him.

Let's collaborate.


  1. Wow!!! Those are amazing collaberations...I have never seen anything quite like that before. To know that each artist had something within them to share with another reveals the power of God and His principle of relationship! Thank you for sharing your experiences as the Holy Spirit taught you!!!! So beautiful my friend! You are lovely!

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