Monday, January 23, 2012

40 Days of Discovery- Day 22

I read two different books, totally unrelated, that talked about learning to reign with Christ.  I believe God's people have FAR more power than we realize.  We were intended to do more than we realize.  I'm convinced of that!  We were meant to do GREAT--even impossible things.  (Things that are humanly impossible.)  We must not take God's mission, and diminish it to something manageable for us to accomplish with out Divine intervention.  Instead of us doing things that require us to depend on God, we tend to set our aims lower.  I know I do.

God's people, like Israel, are meant to advance the Kingdom of God in every segment of society.   We must defeat the enemy that is already there.  We overcome him by the blood of the lamb, and the word of our testimony of Jesus Christ.  We must not make alliances with him.  We must not compromise.  If we do, the enemy will take back the land that we have taken.  And before you know it, we'll be worshipping him, and living under his oppressive reign. God's people are to rescue people from his evil grips.  We rule in righteousness.

We are meant to rule.  NOW!

We cannot do this great work of God if we are weighted down with sin, insecurity about who we are, distracted, or pursuing lesser things.   I must go into battle with no worries!  This battle is too serious to be distracted by financial worries.  It 's too important for us to be distracted by accumulating "stuff".  He wants us focused on the work. 

God's word to me:  "Get busy doing the work of the Kingdom.  I'll take care of all of your needs.  I know your needs.  Get rid of EVERYTHING that hinders you from doing the work of the kingdom. EVERYTHING.  I'd rather you lose an arm, than miss the Kingdom.  This is serious business!  I want you to live in this glorious Kingdom, enjoying all of the benefits of it, but I also want this Kingdom continually expanding.  I care about those poor harassed sheep that aren't in the Kingdom yet.  I have compassion for them.  I want none to perish apart from me."

So the question is:
What is our allotment?  Where has God placed us?  Honestly, we're primarily around other Christians. Yes, we have our community. Lord, show us how we can expand your kingdom in this community.  Show us how to join with others in our community to make your Name known.  We also have passions.  We love to create.  Ed wants to write and perform his music.  He loves connecting with other musicians.  I love being around creative people.  I'm looking into some possibilities for advancing the Kingdom in Austin's music scene.

Teach us how to live as royalty.  Teach us how to rule.  May your kingdom advance, and may your plans be accomplished on earth as it done in Heaven. Amen.

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