Sunday, January 8, 2012

40 Days of Discovery- Day 7

Today's been a good day.  I had the privilege of praying for someone who is struggling to forgive himself for past failures.  What good news I had for him.  I was able to share from my own experience.  I was able to speak truth from God's word.  It's amazing how many of God's people still can't believe that God's grace is truly sufficient for our failures.  It's amazing that the enemy continues to hold God's people hostage with regret, unforgiveness, and guilt.  And Jesus set us free!  What a liar the enemy is!  And I'm not believing his lies anymore!  And I'm praying that God's people would no longer believe his lies.  We are free!  We been bought with the precious, and perfect blood and body of Jesus Christ.  There is no other sacrifice needed.  We don't need to punish ourselves. That's been taken care of by Jesus.

You're free!  I say it again.  You're free!

That is, if you've received His gift of freedom through Jesus.  God doesn't force His good gifts on you.  He only offers.  You must receive.  It's that simple.

I was thinking today that if I were to have a conversation with Jesus, and I came to Him asking Him to forgive me for my sins, mistakes, failures, rebellions.... How would He respond?  First, I know He wouldn't be shocked.  He knows my failures, and weaknesses far better than I.  Second, He wouldn't rebuke me.  I'm reminded of how he responded to sinners when He walked on this earth.  Those who came to him in humility with repentance received forgiveness.  His response was so simple, "Go and sin no more." or "Your sins are forgiven."  I love Jesus' simplicity.  I believe He would say the same thing to me. I imagine Him lifting my chin up and  looking me straight in the eyes. He would look at me as if looking into the very depths of my soul.  He would not let me look away as He lovingly pronounced  "You're forgiven.  Go and sin no more."  Then He would embrace me as His daughter, His dearly beloved daughter.  I believe I would leave His presence lighter than air.  My heart would be at rest.  I would know that His love for me hasn't diminished one bit.  And then I would make it my life's aim to serve Him-- the Great King.

Indeed, this conversation has happened, and continues to happen.  And that is why I love Him!

Another thought I pondered today:

Focusing on ourselves does nothing good.  When we focus on our strengths, and successes we become prideful.  When we focus on our failures, mistakes, and weaknesses , we sink into despair.   When we focus on Jesus, we will have the right perspective of ourselves.  We are free to receive His power in our weakness, and His redemption for our failures.  We can rejoice for the marvelous gifts we've been given.  We can offer Him praise for His lavish grace.  And we can live our lives as servants of this All-powerful, and benevolent King!  Amen!

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