Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Living a life of Faith--This is deep!

Recently, I was meditating on God's word, and man did He show me some amazing things!  Not necessarily new, but He took me to a deeper level.  I want to share just a bit.  Often I've been hesitant to FULLY trust what I've heard from God or to completely obey God, because I'm not sure that I've heard Him right.  It is so important to me to speak truth, and not my own opinion.  His words bring life, mine don't.  I've lived with so much doubt in my life, because I'm not sure I completely understand what God is saying.  The Holy Spirit has been rebuking me BIG TIME for this.  I like to have it ALL 100% right first before I make a move.  That'll certainly keep you paralyzed, because ....get this... I'm not perfect! (well, I am because Jesus gave me His perfection)  But what I'm saying is I make mistakes.  I fail.  I goof-up. I sin.  I misunderstand.  Have you noticed a pattern here?  I... I....I...I...  I can't trust God's words because of "I".

So here's the amazing revelation!  It's not about my ability or lack of ability.  It's about His ability.  He is ABLE to do exceedingly, abundantly MORE than I ask or even imagine.  My God is able to communicate so that I can hear and understand Him.  Think about it.  He spoke to the wicked and they heard and understood him.  He spoke to people just like us, with weaknesses, who were always misunderstanding, who were uneducated...  He spoke, and they heard.  (Many of those people wrote what we call "The Bible".  People like us wrote the Bible.  Amazing, Huh?  We hear, because He speaks.  We can trust His words to us, because HE IS FULLY TRUSTWORTHY.  GOD IS ABLE to open our minds so that we can understand.  GOD IS ABLE to open our eyes so that we can see.  We don't need to be timid.  We can trust that HE IS ABLE. 

And even if we still manage to misunderstand Him, (yes we certainly will), HE IS ABLE to redeem our mistakes, correct our course, and protect us. 

So with ALL that being said, I can put my complete trust in Him. in Him.  In HIM. He's great enough to overcome ALL my insufficiencies.  So I can be bold and confident in Him.  I can live my life fully trusting and obeying His every word to me, to the best of my ability, and as I understand it today. 

And He promises to greatly reward those who choose to trust HIM. 

No more "I".  It's all about HIM.  No more doubt. (Help me Lord)  I believe because your words are true and you are ABLE!

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