Saturday, June 23, 2012


Blinding beauty
magnificence that we cannot begin to take in
Love that fills and overflows leaving no place untouched
You care
it is your deepest desire that we might
know you
And you are enough
Your treasure stores are filled with inexhaustible supplies of ALL that is good
And you delight in providing for the needs of your children
If only we would ask
If only we believed
Then we would wait
Then we wouldn't try to make our own way
Then we wouldn't settle for so much less
You're not holding back
You're waiting for the best possible time
for all you give
when you give
will be good in every possible way
to give too early or too late
harms your beloved
And the arms of the One who loves
 would never bring harm
but he will bring pain
pain that brings blessing
the pain is temporary
the blessing will NEVER STOP
You are truth
there isn't even a hint of a lie in you
from your mouth comes truth
for when you speak
all things must obey
All things
Every power
Every authority
I cannot begin to fathom the greatness of this power
This power
You've placed in me?
I don't understand
I live far beneath my capability
Far beneath
I don't know how far
Oh God
stretch my mind
Help me to believe
I have resurrection power
All-surpassing power
I have authority over the enemy
Demons MUST SUBMIT to my authority as I carry out your plans
Lord, open our eyes
by your Spirit
to truly know who we are
Your Children
Your beloved
Joint heirs with Christ
Seated in Heavenly Places

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