Thursday, July 26, 2012

If You're Waiting

If you're waiting for a blessing from God, be the blessing someone else is waiting for. 
If you're waiting for healing, be an instrument of healing someone else for someone.
If you're waiting for provision, be the provision someone else is waiting for.
If you're waiting for a big breakthrough, be apart of someone else's breakthrough.
If you're waiting for an answer to prayer, be the answer to someone else's prayer
If you're waiting to hear from God, speak the words of God to someone who needs to hear from Him.
If you want to be forgiven, give the blessing of forgiveness to someone.
If you want others to be gracious and patient with you, be gracious and patient with others.
If you really truly want to be loved and accepted  unconditionally, love and accept others unconditionally.

Don't delay. Do it today.

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