Monday, October 8, 2012

My Trip to Haiti-- The Women of Haiti

While on my trip in Haiti, I encountered many women.  Nicole was one of those women.  Nicole is strong, and confident.  Nicole has  a great future ahead of her.  But she is the exception.

As we rode or walked through the villages, I saw woman after woman working so hard.  Most were squatting over buckets or streams washing clothes by hand.  Some were combing children's hair.  I'm sure many were cooking, though I didn't see anyone cooking.  All seemed forgotten.  As teams of Americans flood the villages, children run out of their homes to play with the Americans.  The women stay back to work.

The women of Haiti are forgotten, oppressed, and invisible. 

Here an example of how Haitian women are treated, even within the church.  Michaela shared with me that when one woman was asked how they could pray for her, she asked for her husband.  She  said that she couldn't join the church until she was married.

My heart was so burdened for the women of Haiti.  It still is.  My desire while there was to lift some of those women up.  To let them know how beautiful and valuable they are.  To let them know that they are not forgotten by God.

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