Thursday, May 30, 2013


There are times when I become overwhelmed with my limitations. All the can'ts seem to fly at me at lightening speed from every direction. When all my failure seem to sit and judge me. When needs seemed piled up as high as Mt. Everest. And my inability to fulfill these needs are quite apparent. It can paralyze me, and cause me to give up all hope. Except that.... when I think of how I can't, I remember that God can. What a wonderful opportunity for my King to reveal Himself to be limitless, powerful, and completely able to meet every need. So instead of hiding in a corner sucking my thumb, I go before my King with boldness, knowing that He has everything I need. Everything. And He willingly supplies every single need in abundance. He witholds NO GOOD THING from me. His timing and His wisdom is perfect. He considers ever possible option, and chooses the best option. The one that brings me the Highest possible good. He chooses the perfect option for me, and every other person affected. And the option He chooses reveals His majestic glory.

I need only to ask my Father.
To trust.
To wait.
To receive.

Oh Lord, my time is limited. My plate is full with so much to do and I can't juggle it all. There are so many needs. I don't know what to do. The problems mount up seemingly against me. So many are looking at me, depending on me. I'm just a woman. I need your help. My body is weak, and there are unknown problems going on inside of me. But you see them. You are greater than all these things and my eyes look to you.

Oh mighty God, reveal yourself and rescue me! Swoop down in royal fashion and deliver me from the waves that threaten to drown me. I'm doomed unless you come.

I'm calling.
I'm waiting.

Come Jesus, Come.

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