Monday, September 16, 2013

Living in Love

I am in my Father's care
I have entrusted myself completely to the Father
I know His love
I trust His love

You are in my care
I have made myself intimately known to you
I have entrusted you with all that I have
and all that I am
My life and my love are completely yours in FULL measure
Entrust yourself to me
Open your heart to me
and I will fill it
I will satisfy you in ways
you've never even imagined
Do not fear for even a moment
I will never fail you
I am able to care for you
I am able to protect you
I have EVERYTHING you need
just give me ALL  of you
and I will give you ALL of me
Give me your hopes
Give me your dreams
Give me your children
and all that you hold dear
Give ALL to me
You can trust me
I won't withhold any good thing from you
Let me love you
Let me pour my inexhaustible love through you
Join in my beautiful, wonderful work
For it is my plan to love you as you love others
and ALL will be given to you
The more you give
the more you will be filled
the more you will be satisfied
Just imagine yourself as a perpetual fountain
That fountain is my love and my life in you
You will experience All
in excess
in abundance
in huge and generous proportions
in such great measure
as you've never seen or imagined
My supply can NEVER be diminished
and neither will  yours
as long as you stay connected to me
submitted completely to me
You never need to worry that you won't have ALL you need
The one who supplies for your physical needs
also supplies for your spiritual needs
I will keep you near me
You need only to say “Yes” to me
You need only to give up your way
And take my way
I also supply enough for you to meet the needs of others
in generous proportions
I am also the one who INCREASES
I MULTIPLY your giving
and I abundantly supply for you in EVERY WAY,
Any time a need arises
you will always have MORE THAN ENOUGH to give
even when the need seems far beyond your ability to meet the need
Remember, no need is beyond my ability to fully satisfy it
I can.
I will.
Just make yourself available to me
and I will supply
I will satisfy you
Just entrust yourself to me
Believe my words
for they are truth
I will do it.

from Jesus.


  1. I'm assuming you wrote this Alecia? It's beautiful and I can hear your voice as I read it. I am blessed.