Sunday, December 15, 2013

Will you Believe?

Don't worry.
Talk to God about every problem.  
Every challenge.  
Every circumstance.  
Ask Him for what you need.

Let your heart overflow with gratitude, for the goodness of God, for His supremacy, for his power, for his extravagant love, for for his overflowing gifts, and abounding mercy.

And we will be protected.

The peace of God, which goes far beyond human understanding will create a great wall of protection around your heart and mind.

Worry can't enter.
Fear can't enter.
Lies can't enter.
Unbelief and doubt can't enter.

You are FULLY PROTECTED as long as you continue to believe.
Continue to trust.
Continue to pray.
Continue to rest in the power of the Master,
and continue to submit in humble obedience to our Supreme King.
He will do a great work,
an unbelievable work if only we believe.

Jesus said to Martha: “Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?” (She believed that Jesus was too late to help her brother Lazarus.)

Jesus told Martha to have the stone removed. Martha's response to Jesus' command was,
“But Lord...” (What's your, “But, Lord...”?)
It had been too long. His body was decaying. It's too late. It's beyond repair. She believed he could have kept lazarus from dying and she knew he would be resurrected in the last days, but to resurrect him now that he's been dead 4 days... That was a bit much. That didn't even seem like a possible option.

And yet...

Jesus continued to press her. “Will you believe?”

So Martha allowed them to move the stone. She chose to believe though her heart was full of doubt.

Faith is moving forth in what God says even when our minds are full of doubt. Even when we have a million unanswered questions. Even when all logic says, “There's no way!”

It's an attitude that says”
“This is crazy”
“I'm not sure about this, but I trust you.”

Martha knew and loved Jesus. She knew Jesus loved her, her sister and Lazarus. She had no doubt that Jesus loved them. That is where she rested her hope.

So Jesus called forth Lazarus from the grave, and the unbelievable happened. He came out. Whole and alive.

I wonder what would have happened if Martha had chosen to be practical?

Our God doesn't call us to be practical. He calls us to believe. What's more practical and sensible than to believe the Supreme Ruler of the Universe? The One who CANNOT lie because he is truth. The One who loves us perfectly and lavishly. The One who's wisdom has NO BOUNDS.

Why would we trust anyone or anything besides Him?

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