Tuesday, March 1, 2011

art experiment

I was working on a project, and got an idea.  I've got this paper that looks like wood.  It has a wood grain look to it.  I decided to cut the paper into strips, squares and rectangles.  Then I glued them to a couple of small pieces of canvas.  I let it dry and then painted on top of it.  This was the result.  I LOVE IT!  It was one of those Thank You God moments. 

Felecia told me it looks like the D R (Dominican Republic).  I agree.

I've got a couple of new projects where you'll be seeing this technique.  Stay tuned!

But what should I do with my little experiments?  I like them, but they're not finished pieces of art.  Got any ideas?

1 comment:

  1. Well, it looks like you're having more fun than you can stand! I totally understand your love of texture. I suggest you add a very abstract image in the same colors you are already using. Try different ways of suggesting the form of your image such as a palette knife or cut up an old credit card in different strips and paint with that. fiddle around with the edges by adding a bit of water to the edge immediately after applying the paint....and blotting gently with a kleenex. You go, girl!