Monday, March 28, 2011

Reminders of the Father's love

Every spring I am reminded of how much the Father loves me.  Several years ago, we were blessed with our third child, Michael.  Yet we never had the opportunity to see nor hold Michael for he entered the Presence of God when he was still in my womb.  What a heart-wrenching loss that was!  Soon after my miscarriage, the ladies in my bible study group gave me a magnolia tree to commemorate our little one.  We called this little tree our "Michael tree".  That tree was precious to me.  Not only did it remind me of my precious little one, but it also reminded of my childhood.  We had a huge magnolia tree in our yard which my sister and I loved to climb and play under.  And I've always loved magnolia flowers.  Well, for years I watered, fertilized and cared for this little tree.  It grew and grew, but it never produced any flowers or fruit.  That made me a bit sad because I LOVE flowers.

The last spring that we were in our previous home, God did something for me so beautiful and unexpected.  It still overwhelms me with joy.  For the first time, our Michael tree produced flowers.  Lots of flowers. Beautiful flowers.  What joy it brought to me!  What a wonderful gift from the Father.   It was God's reminder to me that He loves me and cares about the smallest desires of my heart.

The next year we moved into our current home.  Before moving, I had the desire to plant rose bushes in our previous home.  Because I knew we would be moving, I delayed planting any rose bushes, but I was planning to  plant roses in our new home.   You will never guess what God did for me?  He had the previous owner of our current home to plant rose bushes in the front yard.  So when we moved in this house, my rose bushes were already here.  Another sweet reminder of the Father's love for me.  So every spring, I walk out my front door and I'm greeted with a bouquet of beautiful roses straight from the hands of the Father.  Now that's Love.

May our Father bless you with sweet reminders of His love.  They often come in the smallest ways.

Painting of Magnolia flower from our Michael tree



  1. What a beautiful thought AND painting! Will this have the privilege in being in the upcoming exhibit?

  2. I actually painted this in V Vaughn's oil painting class. It's my first and only oil painting. I've never thought about putting it in an exhibit. Perhaps for the future.

  3. Hi Alecia - Thanks so much for sharing your story. It is amazing how many different ways God is letting us know how much He loves us if we can just tune in to it and notice. Thanks for inspiring me this morning - Sol