Thursday, March 10, 2011


Boundless Exhibition
Transcends time
Transcends generations
Crosses continents
and every known barrier

and heard
                            by every creature

Our hearts rejoice when we recognize a glimpse of Him though our minds choose to renounce Him.

Always present.
Go Down.  He's Here.
Go up, up.  He's Here.
Try to Hide.  He's Here.

In the quietest, most tranquil, and uninhabited  place,  the water droplets sing and dance to His melody
Climb the highest mountain where frigid air whips everything into submission, His voice echos there
             to undiscovered places where strange creatures make their home and the atmosphere itsself threatens to crush us,  His light pierces the darkest darkness
Propel yourself into outer space into places beyond the reach of human intelligence.  He's already there.
There is no place , that his presence can't be apprehended.

He is.

He isn't a rock, but the rock speaks of Him.
He isn't the ocean, but the ocean sings of Him.
He isn't the sun, but the sun points to Him.
He is inexhaustible in His expressions--in His display
His canvas is the universe--which by the way scientists say is expanding.

Just how great is He?  His canvas is too big for us to determine and it is a speck in comparison to Him.
It will take  no less than an eternity to see the fullness of His display.  And I'm not simply trying to be poetic.  This is reality.  Do you understand where I'm going here?

This God, my God, speaks.
He loves.
He whispers to my heart and  yours.

The same God who knows no limits, no restrictions, no weakness..
finds His delight in you.  And He wants you to know Him.

Take time to look at the minute details of His masterpiece. What is He showing you about Himself?  Look at the diversity of our world.  Marvel at it.  Embrace it.  Listen and look for Him.

Stand back and observe the vastness of the universe.   Stop and notice the mundane.  Look into your own eyes.  Study history.  He stamped a glimpse of himself in all these places.

Live life relishing every divine encounter,
and bow your knee to the One,
the only,
the Great,
unchanging One.


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  1. Wow!!! I slump into great ecstasy as I read your words revealing the glory of our Incredibly, Glorious and Triumphant King!!!!! Wow!!!!!