Monday, March 14, 2011

My Declaration

I'm in the middle of a fundraising campaign in order to acquire the funds to have my book published.  See:

The last few days my fundraiser has been at a standstill.  I've received less of a response than I was hoping.  As I've been praying about the Lord's hand of provision for this project, the Lord has given me some words of instruction.  I want to share them with you, in hopes that it would be encouraging for you as well.

The thing  you desire will happen only as much as you trust me enough to obey my commands.  You will only receive what you trust me to give you.  You will receive the fulfillment of your desires only as much as you surrender your need for understanding and control.  Every small act of surrender puts you in a position to receive tremendous blessings--beyond your imagination.    When you trust me, you wait when I say wait.  You go when I say go. You ask when I say ask.  You give when I say give.  You leave the results to me, and have an expectation that I will do what I said I would do.

So I choose to trust God no matter what.  I will not give up .  I will continue to press on.  I won't let others lack of understanding, or lack of vision, discourage me.  I must press on.  I'll bring every doubt and fear to you.  I'll bring to you my confusion, and I'll ask for your instructions and allow you to cast the vision again.  I won't take matters into my own hands, trying to make it happen.  I will obey you.  I surrender my need to understand how, or when.  Kickstarter was definitely an act of obedience, but if this isn't your method of providing, I still choose to trust you.    How you provide is your business.  I must persist in completing the work that you've set before me.    Help me to do these things, by your Spirit.  Amen.


  1. Alecia...I am praying and believing great things for you...more specifically, I pray that you would be funded and the Lord would bring those with the gift of financial provision to come to you in the Name of Jesus!

  2. Hi Alecia,

    Teresa recommended your blog. I am in the same place as you...trusting, and trying not to take things in my control with having a book published. Your words have greatly inspired me to continue trusting. Let's press in to the things God has waiting in the wings...