Friday, July 29, 2011

Blessings on Your Life

All these blessings will be upon you and be your constant companion IF YOU OBEY Yahweh (the unchanging, ever-present, self-existing one; the one who reveals Himself to His people) :

You will be blessed wherever you are, whether in the city or in the country.
You will be blessed to bear many children.
And all of your work will produce MUCH  fruit.  Your business will flourish, and your ministry will be effective.
You will always have plenty of food to eat.  Every need will be met with abundance.
It matters not if you are coming or going, blessing will always be near.
Those who rise up against you in order to harm you will be defeated before your very eyes.  Yes, they will come to you in confidence and strength, but they will run from you like roaches scattering when the light turns on!
Your investment and savings will be blessed.  Every venture, and business idea will be successful.
The Lord will set you apart from others as special.  You have a special purpose—a holy calling.  But you must:

Obey ALL of the Lord’s commands.  You must walk in His ways.  His ways are not the ways of man.

Then all people on the earth will see that you are a child of the Most Holy.  They will be afraid to do you harm.  YET you will find favor with them because they think so highly of you. 
You will have ABUNDANT PROSPERITY!  You will overflow with every good thing.  The Lord will open the gates of Heaven and pour out so much blessing that you don’t have the capacity to hold it all.  Everyone you encounter will benefit from your overflow.   You will be a channel of blessing to your extended family, your community, the nation and even the world!
He will send EVERY needed resource in order for your work to prosper.  He will provide the right environment for you to succeed.  All of your efforts will be productive and effective.  (The curse of sin has no power over your work.  Hallelujah!)
You will have so much that you can give freely to many who are in need, and never have need yourself to borrow from others.  You will provided exactly what you need AT THE RIGHT TIME! No Loans!  No Credit cards!  No Debt!  Ever!
You will be a leader, not a follower.  You will set the trend for others to follow.

But you must focus your thoughts on giving your full and complete devotion to none other than God—carefully listening to His voice and following all His instructions exactly.  (Don’t worry about whether it makes sense.)  

If you do, You will always be at the top and never at the bottom!
Pay attention.  Focus.  Don’t get off track.  Don’t be distracted by the world’s promises of pleasure, immediate gratification, or its promise of popularity or quick success.  Don’t follow any of their methods of using debt, deception, using people for their own selfish gain, devaluing the work of others in order to make the largest profit margin, or abusing the environment.  Don’t use their marketing schemes that appeal to man’s sinful cravings, stirring up desires in people in order to get more sales.  Don’t do it!  Resist greed, wastefulness, and overspending.  

Pursue God.  Not the blessings.  For God, Himself is the blessing, the treasure, the inheritance.  In Him we have ALL that we desire and need.
WAIT ON HIS BLESSINGS, for His blessings always come without regret. They always come at the proper time. His blessings, truly satisfy.

A modern day paraphrase of Deut 28: 1-14 (with a few other scriptures added)

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