Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Little Pebble and the Majestic Water Fall Part 2

Suddenly, a mighty wave lunged from the river, towards the little pebble.  The first instinct of the pebble was to cringe with fear at this great wave, but then it remembered that the Water Fall loved it.  So it took a deep breath and let the wave take it into the river.  The pebble found the wave was surprisingly gentle.

That little pebble was filled with so many emotions.  Fear, exhilaration, surprise... These experiences were all so new and unknown to the pebble that it really had no idea what to expect next.  It didn't know what to do, and every time fear seized it and threatened to take it under, the little waves would tickle its cracks and crevices whispering, "Cooperate with me.  Do not fight me.  I will make you into something beautiful."  And so the pebble would finally relax, letting the currents take it to all sorts of strange places.  As it did, it enjoyed a myriad of delights.

Now I must not mislead you into thinking that all of the pebbles experiences were delightful.  Oh no!  There were many difficulties along the way.  A few times the pebble was way-laid by little islands in the river, leaving it feeling impatient and disappointed at its lack of progress.  Other times forceful rapids threw the pebble here and there, bruising and beating the little pebble senseless.  It was during those times that the pebble thought it would never survive this adventure in the river.  There was even a time when an evil bird tried to snatch that pebble right out of the river, but the Great Water Fall rescued it with its mighty waves, sending the bird away disgusted for not being able to pick up such a seemingly easy little prize. 

I guess now seems like a good time to tell you that this pebble was changing.  All of the plights that the pebble endured during the  journey were changing the pebble.  It's rugged edges were becoming smooth.  It's dirt, of course, was washed away and it was being reshaped.  It even gleamed in the sun, which was why the bird tried to snatch it from the river.

The pebble also experienced lazy, restful days when the water danced around it playfully.  The pebble loved days like this.  It enjoyed the view around it and even took time to look at the water creatures, marveling in their beauty.  It was on one of these days that the pebble discovered its change.  As the little riplets of water danced around it, they began to sing.

"Look into the water little pebble.  See your reflection."

That seemed like a puzzling request, yet the pebble did as it was told.  Lo and behold!  What a surprising view met it! It did not recognize itsself.  It was beautiful!  The Great Water Fall had done what it had promised.  It had made it into something beautiful.  Yes, now it was becoming a worthy offering for the Water Fall.

There was still much more the pebble had to endure, for the Great WaterFall had not finished with the pebble, but now that the pebble had seen the Water Fall's work, it gladly submitted itsself to the Water Fall's power.  (Most of the time)  The Water Fall could be trusted.  It loved the little pebble more than even the pebble realized.

Stay tuned for more.  Please read the story to your kids, or grand kids.  I'd love to get feedback.  Does the story make sense?  Is anything confusing?   What do you or your children enjoy about the story? 

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