Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Little Pebble and the Majestic Waterfall part 1

This is the first of several posts of a story I've written, inspired by the Holy Spirit, tentatively called The Little Pebble and the Majestic Waterfall.  This may end up being my next book.  Stay tuned.

There was once a little pebble, simple and ordinary and rough around the edges.  It was a tiny pebble and actually quite ugly.  This pebble lived beside a Great Majestic Waterfall.  Oh what a beautiful, and magnificient waterfall it was.  That waterfall thundered day and night singing its glorious song.  Oh, how the pebble marveled in hearing that sublime melody.  Oh how that pebble loved that glorious Water Fall.  So one day that little pebble decided it wanted to do something beautiful for the waterfall to show its love and devotion.  But what could it do?It could not sing and if it could, its tiny voice would never be heard over the thunderous voice of the Mighty WaterFall.  This little pebble thought and thought and thought until it hurt all over.  It couldn't come up with even  idea on how it could  show its love and devotion to the waterfall.  So it began to weep pitifully.  Suddenly through its sobbing cries it heard the Mighty Waterfall ask a question as it sang.

"Why are you crying?"

The pebble stopped immediately.  Was the WaterFall talking to it--the little pebble?  Couldn't be.  So the pebble didn't reply.  Again the Water Fall replied,

"Why are you crying?"

The pebble froze.  Its heart began to race.  It looked left, and then right.  The waterfall had spoken to--it.  "What do I do now?" the pebble thought.  A wise and noble bird sitting in a nearby tree responded, "Answer Him.  Answer to Great Water Fall, little pebble."

So it did.

"Oh, Great Water Fall, I am crying because I have nothing to give you.  I want to show  you my love and devotion, but what can I give one so great as you?"  The Great Water Fall laughed  thunderously with such joy and glee that it actually frightened and shamed the little pebble.   "I knew it," thought the pebble to itsself.  I was foolish to think I could ever give the Great Water Fall anything worthy of Him.

"Nonsense!" the Water Fall bellowed.  The pebble was startled.  "I have been deeply desiring a gift from you little pebble.  You have something beautiful to give."

"Me?"  said the Pebble completely puzzled.  "What do I have?"

"I want you little pebble.  You are my prized possession."

The pebble was speechless.  After thinking to ittself, for what seemed like hours (but it was actually only a few minutes), the little pebble replied.  "So.... you want me?" the pebbled asked timidly.


"You want me?" the pebble asked again, this time feeling a bit more confident.


"You want me!"  the pebble shouted with joy and gladness of heart.  He had something to give the Great Water Fall.  Oh how the little pebble beamed with happiness.  The Great Water Fall had seen it and even desired it.

Then unexpectedly the Great Water Fall quieted down to a faint whisper.  "Little Pebble, would you give yourself to me, for you are a gift I greatly desire?"  I love you, little pebble and I want to do great and wonderful things with you--things which you could never imagine."

In that moment of quietness, the pebble deeply connected with the Water Fall in a new way.  It had experienced the love of the Water Fall.  It had not known that it could be loved.  It was only a pebble.  It have never known love.  It had seen what it thought was love, but it had never experienced it--until now.  Well, I really cannot fully explain how the pebble felt at that moment, but I will try.   That pebble felt, whole, brand new and more alive.  Yes, that pebble felt--ALIVE!

"Oh, yes, Great Water Fall!  I want to give myself to you!"

"Jump in the river" whispered the Water Fall.

Well, you've never seen a pebble more determined to get to the river.  That pebble had really never moved very much.  I moved a bit here and there, but it was usually because the wind had blown it or some creature had dislodged it from its position.  That poor pebble tried with all of its might to move itself to the river, which was only  a few feet away.  It struggled and strained, and managed to barely move.  It persisted, trying and trying and trying until it was utterly exhausted.   The little pebble began to slip into utter despair.  It felt completely helpless and hopeless.

"Little pebble," said the Water Fall tenderly, "will you give yourself completely to  me..."

The pebbled interrupted, "I've already tried, and I can't!"  Oh what sorrow the pebble felt.   To be so close to experiencing life's greatest joy, only to have it snatched from its grasp was more than the pebble could bear.

"Little pebble, I wasn't finished.  If you will cease striving, I will help you.  I, myself, will bring you to the water, and I will do something beautiful for you.  I will make you a beautiful gift--a worthy offering that I may enjoy forever."

"Ok,"  the pebble replied unassuredly.  " I don't understand what you ask of me, but I will give myself to you.  It is obvious that I cannot do this without help."

Suddenly, the Water Fall rumbled, laughing a deep hearty laugh with such joy that it tickled the pebble.

"Be still and watch what I will do!"


  1. beautiful!!!! Lovely and precious assisted by His great majesty!