Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day Retreat

My husband and I have begun to make it a tradition to have a "day retreat" right before school starts in August in order to refresh ourselves and to have time alone with God.  I cannot begin to describe the many blessings that we receive from this one day.  God always has such wonderful gifts in store for us.  He's such a  personal God, and He loves special time alone with each of His children. Not only does He want us to hear His voice, he wants us to simply enjoy Him.  He wants us to rest in His presence.

I'd like to share some of the sights that I was able to enjoy on my day retreat.  These are photos I took at Mayfield park in Austin Texas.  It's the perfect place for a day retreat.

Perhaps you'll inspired to have your own "Day Retreat".

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  1. enjoyed so much your snapshots of the day treat and I know it must have been totally refreshing for you and your sweetness! Happy Thanksgiving