Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Little Pebble and the Majestic Waterfall Part 4

After the Water Fall's grand and majestic entrance, it spoke to all who were gathered there to meet it.  As it spoke, every creature stood in solemn silence each hanging on its every word and feeling a personal intimate connection with the Water Fall.  This was because the Water Fall spoke to each creature tenderly in its own heart's language.

This is what the pebble heard.

"I am so glad that you are here.  It has been my heart's desire to have you here with me forever.  You will live with me enjoying my protection and the glorious riches of my gifts.  All that you desire is yours. You have done well, Little Pebble.  I am pleased with you.  Now you will live in this glorious paradise with me forever along with all who have lived obediently before me.  I will be your King and you will be my servants, ruling in my glorious kingdom forever.  This is your reward."

Every creature bowed in humble adoration to the King, with hearts that were filled with thanksgiving.  Then with one voice every creature began to sing a song to the Great Water Fall.  It was a song sung with such earnestness, with such joy, with complete and utter abandonment.  Each creature was compelled to give the best that it had to offer, singing with every available instrument, and in complete harmony and unity with one another.  There was no competition among them.  Each one willingly stepped aside in order to allow the other to express its own uniquely beautiful offering of love and devotion to the Water Fall.    And the Water Fall was worthy of hearing each distinct expression of gratitude.  Every single note. Oh what a glorious sound it was!  This new song had a myriad of languages, melodies, styles, rhythms, parts, harmonies and melodies that human ears have yet to hear.  There are no earthly comparisons, except to say that there was a small part of every song ever sung in that one song.

And there they lived forever, completely loved, completely satisfied and in  perfect peace in the Glorious presence of the Majestic Water Fall.

The End.

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