Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some Things Take Time


I originally wrote this the day before thanksgiving.

It's the day before thanksgiving and I have begun my cooking marathon.  By the time we sit down to our meal tomorrow, I will have baked potatoes, a turkey, rolls and cornbread dressing.  I will have slowly simmered a turkey back in order to release the flavors and nutrients, creating a full-bodied broth.  I will have chilled my pie crust dough, homemade cranberry sauce, and a homemade dressing. Chilling helps everything to gel, and gives the various flavors time to marry.  I will have soaked my turkey overnight in a brine (water filled with seasoning).  The result will be a flavorful moist turkey.  (It was quite yummy) 

As I sit here listening to my pots bubble on the stove, I was thinking of how it takes time to create a great meal.  A once a year meal!  I can't do this regularly.  But I was thinking that in order for us to have a great meal for our souls, it takes time.  Often, I want my time with God to be quick, microwaved, or stir-fried and quickly consumed so that I can get back to life.  So many needs are calling.  Then I wonder why I'm not fully satisfied.

If I want to get past the surface level of understanding of scripture, I must be willing to pay a price.  It takes time to go deep, to find treasures the lay hidden deep below the surface.  I must be willing to think deeply, to ponder, taking my time, letting the Spirit of God take His word into my inner most parts.  Letting it marinate.  I'm learning the blessing of allowing God's word go down deep , to my very bones.  I want His truth to be the air that I breathe.  I want His thoughts to be my thoughts.

This takes time.

It takes early mornings or late nights so that I won't be interrupted.  Sometimes it means sneaking away from the hustle and bustle of my household.  It means chores go undone, e-mails go unanswered and phone calls don't get made.    But, you see, I must sit at the feet of Jesus, allowing Him to fill me to the fullest measure with Himself.  And that, my friend, takes time.

May you deeply ponder His majesty and grace in your life.  And may your lips be filled with praises for His generous gifts to you.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the season, don't miss out on God's greatest gift to us--His presence.  

O come, O come Emmanuel into our hearts.  Change us forever. Fill us with the life that is truly life.  Loosen our hand's grip on earthly things so that we may grasp the hem of your garment, and be made whole.  Amen.

  Merry Christmas!

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