Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012, It's Time!

Can you hear the cries?

Cries for mercy
cries for deliverance
cries for healing
cries for hope...

Can you see the hopelessness in the eyes
                                                   of Mother who can't feed her children?
                                                   of  prisoners of abuse, addiction, fear...

Can you feel the beating heart of the forgotten?
                                        Those persecuted for their belief in Jesus?
                                        Children whose parents have died of aids?
                                        Widows who've had their property taken away?
                                         Little girls in hidden places forced to do things
                                                                                  that a little girl should never know?

Can you hear their prayers for help?

What if you are the answer to their prayers?  What if you are the one who a person or a people group is waiting for in order to hear the message of freedom?  of healing? of hope?

Will you accept this mission?

What if you are the one God has chosen to heal the sick, feed the hungry, set the captives free...

What if...

All of your life you've been being prepared for this moment.  Even as you were formed in the womb.  Every incident, accident, and planned event was carefully orchestrated by Elohim to bring you to this place.

Will you forgo your own agenda for the rest of your life, laying it down at the feet of our Supreme Commander?  He has a special mission for you!

Will you say yes?

Don't worry, He has thoroughly equipped you for EVERY good work and He promises to empower you and be near you every step of the way.  As you work along side of the King of the Universe, you will be satisfied with His precious presence and be allowed to know Him intimately.  How generous our God is to give us the honor and privilege of joining Him in His most sacred and beautiful work--rescuing and redeeming all mankind.

So what are you waiting for?



It's 2012!  It's time!

May your year be full of the presence of Yahweh and may you live your life for His perfect purposes.

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