Wednesday, January 11, 2012

40 Days of Discovery- Day 10

Wow!  I'm a quarter of the way through my 40 Days.  It's been so good!  I feel like I'm being deluged with so much.  I'm having to take a step back to take it in a little slower.  The question I'm asking God is, "What do you want me to do with this information?"  I'm just a mama.  Nobody special.  Why is He showing me so much?  It's BIG picture things.  I have gotten one clear answer, "Pray".  He's even given me someone who is committed to pray with me.  That is a gift and I thank Him wholeheartedly for it.

I'm experiencing more of God's power in my life than ever.  It's humbling, and I'm not sure what to do with it.  I feel like a 2 year old learning to walk, talk and feed my self.  I feel like, more than ever, I'm saying, "Holy Spirit, teach me."  I'm currently reading the book of Matthew, and as I read,  trying to gleam everything I can from the life of Jesus.  I want to understand how He lived, because I want to emulate His life.  By the power of the Spirit!  Apart  from His Spirit--forget it!!!

I'm encouraged that there are many others who seeking to do the same.  Oh, Majestic, Supreme Ruler, be glorified through your people.  Awaken us to Higher things.  Give us your thoughts.  Give us your mind.  Teach us how to walk confidently in your  power.  Teach us.

Today I was reminded how it important it is to communicate clearly.  When I was in college I interned at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and IBM.  I remember feeling like an idiot when I first started.  I'd hear all of this jargon:  P-14 and such.  I'd hear all of these acronyms flying around.  Everyone seemed to understand perfectly what was being said, and I didn't have a clue.  It was like I was hearing a foreign language.  But everyone acted as if I should understand, so I couldn't let on that I was clueless.  I just had to keep listening, until I was able to decipher the code.  I'm wise enough now, to just ask questions.  Who cares if others think I'm stupid.  If you don't know, you don't know.  Anyway, I wonder if much of our christian jargon is the same with people.  Words like salvation, repentance, resurrection, born-again, etc. fly from our lips as if it's common knowledge in our culture.  I think many are familiar with the words, but the bigger question is, do they understand what we mean?  I can ask, "Do you believe in Jesus?" and many will say yes.  Yet scripture says demons believe as well.  So what do we mean when we say believe?  Living in a culture where Christian words are pretty common, and people think they know what they mean, we need to step back a define our words.  I'm asking Jesus to  help me to speak in language that the general culture can understand.  God certainly knows how to speak to each of us in a way that we can understand and respond to.

I pray that He will give me that gift of communication.  I have ideas for stories I'd like to write that could do that.  My art can do that.  I just pray that it will.  Supernaturally, enable me to communicate with such clarity, love, and grace, that people are compelled to respond.  Compelled.  May the words you give me never be ignored.  I have no ability to do this.  I am just a woman.  Yet I am the servant of the one is fully capable of doing this through me.  I am willing, Master.

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