Saturday, January 14, 2012

In the Storm

This morning I was reading Matthew 7:18-27.  While reading and thinking about friends who are in the midst of some difficult circumstances, I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write these words.  I pray that you are comforted, and encouraged as you read.

Jesus got in the boat, and is disciples followed Him

Into a furious storm

How often does that happen?  We follow Jesus into the storm, and not away from it.

And Jesus slept in perfect peace. He knew he was in the perfect care of His Father.
That's how he wants us to be in a furious storm.  When our lives are falling apart.  When there is one thing, then another.  It's like a hurricane, and like the disciples, we become Frantic! 

"Lord SAVE us!"
"I think I'm going to drown!"
"Where are you?"
"Do you even care?" 

And He responds.

Oh you of little faith.  Why are you so afraid?  Why, my child?  Why do you not believe my promises?  Why do you not trust me?  Why?

Then He causes the storm to cease.  Everything becomes calm again.  And we are again amazed by the God who controls the very storms of lives.   
He brings us into the storm, and at His word, He brings us out.

Oh Lord, help me to trust you and to rest in you in the midst of the storm.  In the midst...  You are there beside me, in the midst of the storm.  Every wind and wave is under your complete control and I will not drown.  I trust you.  I trust your every word.  Oh God help my unbelief.  Make me lie down in your green pastures.  May your rod and staff comfort me.  As I walk through this difficult place, may your perfect peace cast out ALL FEAR and ALL ANXIETIES.  
So I lie down beside you in this boat, on the stormy sea.  As the winds and waves threaten to destroy me, I snuggle up next to you.  As people all around me scream, in a panic telling me what I ought to do, I look to you alone.  Embrace me that I might rest.  That I may know your perfect protection.  And the storms will become strangely dim as I listen to your loving voice lulling me to sleep.  Amen.  

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