Tuesday, January 31, 2012

40 Days of Discovery- Day 29

Today the Holy Spirit gave me 2 questions to ask Him and myself, as I make decisions--great and small:

  • Is this needed so that I am able to do the work the Father has  prepared for me?

  • Is this part of the work that the Father has prepared?
Then I'm asking the Holy Spirit to define "need". It is much more than the basic necessities of life: food, clothing, shelter and clean water, though I will be content with that.  It is also ALL that is needed to do the work that God has called us to do.  (Therefore what's needed for one, may not be needed for another.)

This week the Lord gave me such a gift.  Our dishwasher has been broken from almost a year.  I never saw this as a need, for we have 6 healthy people in this house that can wash dishes.  So I never prayed about it. After we were unable to get it fixed(the cost of repair is the same as replacing the dishwasher), I accepted that we wouldn't have a dishwasher for a while.  As the Holy Spirit has been teaching me to bring everything to Him--even the non-necessities, I decided to pray about a dishwasher.  I just said "Lord, I'm so thankful for all of these hands that can wash and have washed dishes all of this time, but I really desire to have a working dishwasher again.  It would help so much keeping the kitchen in better order and our dishes will actually get clean.  But Father, you know my needs better than I, and I resign my will to yours, and I give thanks to you no matter what."   Well, this Saturday, I decided to run  a cycle in the dishwasher just to clean the inside of it.  The motor still runs, but it was full of food that couldn't be cleaned out.  After I ran the cycle, I decided to run a small test load of dishes.  They came out clean!  I was shouting hallelujah!!!!!  The kids ran another larger load on sunday night.  Again, the dishes came out clean!!!!  I praise the Lord.  Already, the dishwasher has been so helpful.  So much time is regained, yet I'm thankful for the months we went without it.  We are so appreciative, so appreciative for this convenience.  I don't know what happened to the dishwasher.  I just know, that the Father granted the request of His child.  We need only to ask and leave it in His hands.  Seek and find. (Search for the answer) Knock and the door will be opened. (Persist in searching for the answer)

I was thinking today that I don't even know where to seek unless the Holy Spirit guides me.  So I must look to Him for all things, the asking, the seeking and the knocking.  

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