Saturday, March 17, 2012

Can You Hear the Music?

Can you hear the music?
Heavenly music
The Music
from the throne of Grace
Listen with your heart
It responds to the melody
As if somehow it recognizes a long forgotten love
Your heart strains to remember this melody
Your mind races through your life's memories
But you cannot fathom this mysterious song
So you settle in
relaxing to enjoy every single note
you savor the sweetest sounds
You strain and the music begins to fade
Disappointment and frustration set in as you search for more of this beautiful tune
But your search is in vain
what you don't know is that this music is from the throne of Heaven
From the presence of God
Yes you've heard it before
when you were in your mother's womb
the Heavenly orchestra
sang you to sleep
And the sweet kisses of your Creator
comforted, and surrounded you with love
You've forgotten
But your heart remembers
So turn your face to Heaven
call on the name of Jesus
And you will hear that music again
and it's melodies will become clearer and more beautiful

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