Saturday, March 17, 2012


Vibrant, movement, wiggling, squirming, dancing, jumping, skipping, blood pumping, circulating, overflowing, heartbeat, warmth, refreshing, healing, freedom, giggles, joy, purpose, feeling, satisfied down to the core, content, at peace, complete, my soul is at rest, excitement, anticipation...

Jesus is the source of life
apart from him there is no life
In Him life has no end
it overflows
like a rushing waterfall
yet its a most gentle and refreshing flow
It calls me
He calls me
to himself
that I might be healed
that my thirst might be quenched
that I might be satisfied
that I might be filled
with His inexhaustible life
 So that many others may drink
and be brought to life
there is no growth without life
there is no rest in our hearts without life
there is no hope without life
there is no beauty without life
Jesus isn't a source of life
He is the One and only source
All others who claim to give this life are posers and fakers
They are wolves in sheep clothing
They promise life but they bring death
no growth
no joy
just inner turmoil
they heap burdens of performance upon us
or feed the beast within us
the sin that I cannot seem to overcome
they want to destroyus
Yes, they look like angels of light
and their promises are tempting
but their mouths are full of lies
and their bite is full of poison
turn away from them

Come with me
whoever is thirsty
Let Him take the free gift of the water of life

Our hearts long to be with you Yahweh
though our minds may not understand this longing
And many promise to fulfill this longing
and no one succeeds
Our heart only aches all the more
at the disappointment

Taste and see that Yahweh is good
Happy is the man who trusts Him

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