Thursday, June 21, 2012

Notes from the Father II

Follow the example of the woman with the blood disease.  Stop searching and make every effort to be near me.  For in my presence, is healing, joy, peace, strength,  I am a compassionate and loving God.  I heal all who are in my presence...

At my time.

Through the process I choose.

Ultimately, full healing comes in my presence.

Stop searching and come near me.  I will direct your paths. 

I am Yahweh Ropheka, the healer and restorer.  Trust me.  I will do it.  

I love you and I desire to bring health to your body and healing to your soul.  My grace is sufficient for you.

Keep praying.

Help others to get to me.  Your prayers, your offering of time, energy, your tears, your travailing,will help others to see the path to me.

I just want them and you near me.

 In my presence is Every good and perfect gift.  I hold no good thing from you, or any of my children.   You need only to receive.  Come with open arms, like a child on christmas morning with eager anticipation that I have prepared good gifts for you. 

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