Thursday, June 21, 2012

Notes from the Father

Many are familiar with the popular daily devotional, called Jesus Calling.  In this book, the Author writes down words given to her from the Holy Spirit as she sits listening quietly to hear His voice.  In the next couple of blogs, I'd like to share what I'm calling, "Notes from the Father".  They are words that I believe came from God as I've spent time in His presence reading His word and listening to His voice.  I pray that you are blessed, encouraged and perhaps even convicted.

Here's the first:

I am creating fertile ground for growth.  But first I must shake everything that is seen, so that men will be ready to receive what I have for them.  I must remove your dependence on human resources.  I do not want my people trusting in their own abilities, resources, or understanding.  

Trust me alone.

Everything else is uncertain.

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