Saturday, August 25, 2012

My trip to Haiti- The Hope that is Rising

We went to Haiti to support the work of Mission of Hope Haiti.  You can read more about the work that they are doing at:  I can tell you first hand, that God is doing a great work through Mission of Hope(MOH) Haiti.  Seeing how God's hand moved to provide for this ministry over and over again was amazing to hear about and see.  It was also evident as I saw how the Haitians were loved.  Children are being educated in the school.  Orphans are being cared for in the orphanage.  Men and women are being employeed at the ministry.  50,000 people a day are being fed, with the goal of doubling that number soon. Over 300 homes have been built for those who lost homes due to the earthquake.  The plan is to build a total of 650.  We were able to see this village for ourselves.  Beautiful little homes, but I felt a great sadness there.  Great poverty.  Yet there is hope.  Please pray for the people of Leveque.  Anyway, MOH has a medical clinic for the Haitians with a Haitian staff and they are in the process of building a  hospital.  There are also plans to build a large sports facility in partnership with the NFL (and possibly the NBA).  And last but not least, there's the MOH church.  A couple of thousand Haitains from the surrounding villages attend services weekly under Pastor Patrice's leadership.

MOH has the desire to see transformation in Haiti--through Jesus.

It's happening. I saw for myself. 

I saw it in the smiles of children who attended the daily VBS every morning being taught and loved on by other Haitians.  I saw it in our awesome translators who were filled with the love of Jesus.  I heard it from the lips of children who had aspirations of becoming doctors, nurses, teachers, electricians and a myriad of other professions.  They have dreams.

While I'm talking about dreams, let me tell you about this beautiful young lady that I met.  She has BIG dreams!

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