Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Trip to Haiti--Nicole

While in Haiti, we were able to interact with some awesome interpreters.  Our group had four interpreters, all male.  They were great.  I learned so much about the Haitian culture from them.  I spent much of my time asking lots of questions, and they were extremely gracious.  On our last day in the village, we specifically asked for a female interpreter because the women of our group wanted to interact with other women in the village of Simonet.  It's a bit awkward having a conversation woman-to-woman with a male interpreter.  God provided.

Nicole is her name.  She's 20 years old and the first orphan in the Mission of Hope orphanage.  She still lives in the orphanage, and attends the school there.  She  plans to become a heart surgeon and a business woman.  She wants to import cars from America and sell them in Haiti.  This girl has BIG dreams!  I love it!  But what I love more, is her love for God.

While in the village interacting with women, we encountered this woman sitting in an open commons area.  We began to talk to her, getting to know her.  I asked her what her favorite song was in church.  I told her I would sing my favorite song if she sang hers.  Though I didn't understand her words, I certainly understood her body language.  She felt uncomfortable, even shy about it.  She said she couldn't sing well.  So I told her I would sing first, and if she sang, I would sing another song.  I sang Amazing Grace.  As I sang, people all around began to come.  People sat and listened as I sang.  Then the lady (I don't remember her name) sang Amazing Grace in Haitian Creole.  Beautiful!  After singing, one of her cousins came and sat next to her.  By this time we had a small crowd of people gathered.  Everyone pointed to this cousin saying that she didn't follow Jesus.  So I sang "Jesus Loves Me (You)" to this lady. As I sang the chorus, Nicole sang with me in Haitian Creole.  What a treat! 

We began to talk to this lady. We asked her questions about her life.  We asked her why she had chosen not to follow Jesus.  I could read her body language.  She didn't want anything to do with Jesus, and she really wanted us to leave her alone.  Yet... she listened and I saw no anger or frustration.  She even smiled throughout our interaction, but insisted that she would follow Jesus....later. 

That's when Nicole took over!

She went on for 10-15 minutes passionately talking to this lady and the crowd.  I had the biggest grin on my face.  Wow!  This girl was preaching!  And the people around were hanging on every word.  The men were nodding and smiling. The women's eyes were fixed upon her with great interest.  That was a moment when I wished I understood exactly what she was saying.  Yet, it was clear that she was sharing the good news of Jesus.  She later told me that she was sharing her testimony of how God rescued her and completely gave her a new life. 

When she was five years old, her mother was killed.  She lived in Port-au-Prince.  Someone asked her if she wanted to go and live in the MOH orphanage, and she said yes.  She's been there every since.  She went from having nothing, to having a wonderful life and a great future. And because of the transforming work of Jesus, she's now being used to transform the lives of other Haitians.

As we road the bus back to the MOH campus, I thanked her for helping us and for sharing the gospel so boldly.  She thanked us for giving her the opportunity to share the gospel.  Because she lives in the orphanage, she doesn't go into the village unless she's going with a group.  I was so blessed to set the stage for her to shine.  I'll set the stage for her anytime!

Please pray for Nicole. That she will stay strong.  That she will stay focused on the work that God has for her. 

God has big plans for this lady!

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