Friday, January 4, 2013

My New King

I've been rescued from the Kingdom of Darkness
I now pledge my allegiance to a new King.
A Righteous, Holy, perfect and loving King
A King that brings only good
A King that is generous and kind.

The old king was a tyrant.

The old king hated me
The old king lorded his power over me
oppressed me
belittled me
and used fear to keep me submissive and weak.
He does this to all of his citizens.
He is a liar.
He made big and bold promises in order to trap me, but once I surrendered myself to him, he immediately accused me,
bringing guilt and shame.
His rules brings hopelessness and despair.
It is a life that is no life.

It is death.

His citizens are the walking dead.
pressed down under the extreme weight of his tyrannical rule.

But I've been set free!

And My new King loves me!
I'm free!

I've been given life that is full
I've been given hope that does not disappoint.
I've been given love that is free,
and abundant.

I've been given  power--
an All-surpassing power
to rule with the King.

I've been given an extravagent supply of gifts with the promise of more,
with NO END in sight.
His gifts are FAR BEYOND my capacity to imagine or understand

He gives and gives and gives.

Every word that comes out of His mouth is true.
I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again
He loves me,
And He is my friend.
I trust this King,
and I gladly and willingly give my life to serve Him.
For serving Him brings utter joy
and the deepest satisfaction
I am satisfied in ways I never even imagined.

It is so good!!!!!!!!

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