Friday, January 4, 2013

Divine Intervention

We're all in desperate need of divine intervention.  When Jesus is interjected into life's circumstances,
we are dramatically changed.
The Real Jesus,
the Jesus with all power and authority,
the Jesus whose life was given to pay the price of ALL my sin,
the Jesus whose love is lavish,
whose compassion is perfect.
The One who is able to Rescue us from our deep, dark, and tangled mess.
The Real Jesus.
Often life is like quick sand,
the more we struggle to get ourselves out,
the deeper we sink.
We need a rescuer.
We need someone to grab our hand and pull us out of the mess we're in,
placing our feet on solid ground.

Jesus is the hand God offers us.

He is the only hope for our rescue from the tangled mess of life.

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