Sunday, May 12, 2013

Beautiful Love

It is a mind- boggling thought to consider the perfect unity of the Father and the Son. Their beautiful love relationship which has no human comparison and yet all beautiful relationships find their origin in it.

 Perfect love. 
 Fully understood. 
 Fully satisfying.
 Completely accepted.
 Hearts fully open wide. 
 Complete vulnerability. 

 A complete capacity to bring the highest good to each other. Lifting each other up. No strife among them. Complete peace. 

 Love in its purest and complete form. 
 No Jealousy. 
 Not even a hint of selfish motives. No harboring of bitterness for past hurt. In fact, no pain at all. 
 Complete delight in each other.
Forever and ever and ever. 

 And this amazing and perfect God calls us—all humanity to join in this beautiful love relationship. It's awesome! It's amazing! It's humbling! In fact, this marvelous God desired so much that we would enjoy the glorious perfection of His love, that he sacrificed his own perfectly undisturbed love relationship.

 He sent his son here to this place called earth. His son willingly obeyed all that the Father required. He became one of us. He entrusted himself to the care of His Father. He laid aside His crown, his power, authority, and glory. Because their hearts were so tender towards us, He was willing to take on the limitations, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities of humanity. The Creator became like one of His created. 

 This led him to a cross. 

 And while on that cross, God experienced something that He had never experienced before. The perfect love relationship that they had always shared with one another was not only disrupted, it was broken. The Father refused to even look on his own beloved son as his son took upon himself the wickedness of all mankind. As Jesus took upon himself the crimes of ALL humanity, the Father turned his back on him because sin cannot survive in His presence. The pureness of His holiness and goodness and beauty consumes every evil thing that attempts to come near him. It just cannot survive! So the perfect unity that they shared was broken.

The perfect love relationship was broken.

In fact, Jesus cried out in agony to His father, “My God, my God why have you forsakened me?” Yet Jesus endured the cross, scorning its shame because of the joy that was to come. Not only would he be reunited with his Father again, and their relationship be restored, never to be broken again, but he would bring us with him to join in the intimacy of this perfect love relationship. Now we have the opportunity to be a part of this perfect love relationship with God, fully satisfied, with no hint of animosity or selfishness.

Jesus had to bring us there. Not only that, he had to give us his righteousness so that we could live in the glorious presence of the perfect one. He had to give us his power, his mind, and his heart so that we might have something to contribute to this relationship. He has to teach us how to trust Him so that we might commit ourselves fully in this love relationship—open and vulnerable. As we live in this love relationship, he asks of us the same thing the Father asked of the son. To entrust ourselves completely to Him, to trust His love, to trust His heart, that we might fully submit ourselves to Him and not resist Him-- that we might be His lover, His friend, His children, and His bride.

There would be no selfish motives, but instead a desire to lift him up and he promises to lift us up. Amazing, right? And so it is that we find all that our hearts long for in this beautiful, satisfying, and pure relationship that we've been given the opportunity to enjoy—forever and ever.



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