Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Right Now

It is a good thing to recognize that at the present moment Jesus is all I need. To personalize and make real for the moment, every promise that God gives us. I have everything I need, right now, for life and godliness. I have all I need, through Jesus, all I need for this morning and this day—whatever it may bring. Andrew Murraying, in Abide in Christ encourages us to not waste time in regret over past failures and mistakes, but instead to at this moment confess and ask for forgiveness and Abide again NOW.

Do it now
Abide now.
In this moment.
Do not wait for some special time, place or feeling.
Don't wait until you get it together.
Abide now.
Surrender now.
Don't worry about what you don't know or understand.
Don't worry about your struggles with sin.
Give yourself wholly to God right now.
Give all to Jesus in this moment.
Don't worry that you may not be able to maintain this abiding.
Abide now.
And every time you are reminded of this word by the Holy Spirit, again, give yourself completely to Jesus in the present moment.
He is able to do in you all that needs to be done.
You need only to give yourself to him.
Again and again.
In every moment.
Every "right now" moment is a new beginning
A new opportunity to choose to abide 
You are His.
And He is yours.
Say, “Yes, Lord, I will obey. My life is yours right now.”
Receive His thoughts.
Receive His heart.
Receive every good gift that he generously supplies.

And when your heart strays
as it surely will
Say again
Oh, master I give all to you again
Right. Now.

This post is a combination of Andrew Murray's writings from Abide in Christ and my words inspired by the Holy Spirit.  

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