Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Children Cry Hosanna

I've been working on this song and I 'd love your feedback.  I've recorded it acapella. Should I add music?  This video was uploaded thanks to my oldest son, Brian.  Teenagers are good for something!  ;)  
(The quality of the final song will sound much better than this)


  1. O my God...He is So awesome!!!! Wow...your voice is like hearing voices from HEAVEN!!!! Are you kidding???? This is reveal the glory of God!!! Woooooooooo!!!! You are a hidden treasure that MUST be revealed to the WORLD!!!

  2. You bring tears to my eyes. Thank you, sweet daughter of the king.

  3. You asked if this would be better with music. I expected anything would be better with music. But then I heard your voice...your song. You don't need any music...your voice is THAT rich and glorious. God has given you a gift, no doubt about that. I don't normally like singing without music, but in your case I'm lovin' it...

  4. Excellent!! No need to add the line that it will sound better than this. It was amazing just the way it was.