Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When Trouble Comes

When jobs are loss
When good health is far from us
when children are in rebellion
when all we can see is everything we don't have
when it seems we'll never smile again
when the pain just won't cease
when our tears become a rushing river
when those we trusted, betray us
when everything we've built, crumbles to the ground
when the memories of the past haunt us
when our failures torment us
when there seems to be no hope
no light at the end of the tunnel
no "bright side" to look at
when giving up seems like a viable option
when fear has us by the throat--sucking away all life
when trouble comes...

We cry out to the One who is able to deliver
                   in our favor
He rescues
He is close to the brokenhearted
He comforts
He strengthens
He provides
He protects

I will wait in eager expectation that my God will deliver
I           will           wait
For you CAN NOT disappoint
You CAN NOT fail
You CAN NOT be stopped
My Master
My God

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