Monday, January 2, 2012

40 Days of Discovery- Day 1

Today I began a 40 day journey of discovery.  As I walk on this journey I'd to invite you to join in.  On each day of my journey I'd like to share something that may encourage, uplift, or perhaps even make you say, "ouch!" or "hmm".  So what is the destination of this journey?  Closer intimacy with The Lover of My Soul.

An excerpt from my journal entry today:

Fill my mouth with your rich and filling goodness.
Fill my hands with your everlasting presence
Fill my ears with melodies from Heaven
Fill my eyes with beautiful, glorious Heavenly treasures and make all earthly things pale in comparison

You must do these things, else earth's pull on me is too strong to overcome.  The trinkets it offers will shine too brightly in my eyes.  And I will cling too tightly to those I love, demanding that they give me happiness, and satisfaction.  I've tried it so many times, and it's left me frustrated and discouraged.  And its worn them out!

Read a quote today from Paul J. Tillich.  He wrote an article called: "To Whom Much was Forgiven"  Here's the quote:  "...forgiveness makes love possible.  We cannot love unless we have accepted forgiveness, and the deeper our experience of forgiveness is, the greater our love."  He was speaking in the context of the woman who poured out the alabaster jar on Jesus, anointing His body for burial.  I thought it was a thought provoking quote.  I'm still pondering its meaning.

May You Discover the True and Living God in unexpected places today.


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