Saturday, January 14, 2012

40 Days of Discover- Day 12

When we are born, we are born into the world to be a man or a woman.  We don't look like, nor do we act like a man or woman when we are babbling babies, pooping, sucking, sleeping and eating.  Yet we inside of us is all the raw materials to become what we are intended to be. But we must grow into who we are.  And if, along the way we refuse to believe that we are men and women with a purpose, we stay immature and childish.  That should never be.

When I am born into my new identity, a child of God, I too, must grow into who God says I am.  He's given me everything I need in order to be who He intends for me to be.  Though today I'm sinning like crazy, and not believing God's promises, I am more than what you or I see today.  I need the Holy Spirit to nurture, and teach me so that I become mature.  So that I become the person God destined me to be.  Only if I choose to believe what God says about me, will I grow up.  Else, I stay an immature baby, with little power, no self-control, and I won't see the fruits of God in my life.  Nor will I walk in the destiny that He prepared for me.  That would be a travesty!

Heavenly Father, tell me who I am again and again, and help me to believe.

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